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What Teachers Say

"We have had the pleasure of having Kindermusik as our music curriculum for the past 3 years. Not only is it a delightful and informative way to present music to our preschool and kindergarten classes, but it is one of the things that sets our school program apart from other similar programs. The parents are impressed with the materials provided for the children and enjoy seeing them come to love music. Ms. Annette and her staff are professional, well organized, and work wonderfully with the children as well as with the teachers. Kindermusik has been a great experience."

Pam Crawford Director Bartlett Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten

Hello! My name is Andrea Delony, and I teach Kindermusik classes, which are open to the public, at Trinity Baptist Church in Southaven. I am planning to expand classes over the summer and fall, as well. The program offers age level classes for newborns through seven years old.

I absolutely love my job. As a Kindermusik educator, I spend my time singing, playing, and dancing with children, and at the same time, I help their parents understand why the activities we do are so developmentally beneficial for their children. We have lots of fun, but we are growing little minds, as well.

I began teaching because I have always enjoyed music and educating young children, but I never dreamed how wonderful Kindermusik really is until I began training as an educator. The program is based on years of research of child development and how music can be used to enhance social, emotional, physical, verbal, and cognitive skills. For example, learning to keep a steady beat is vital to playing an instrument or singing, but it also helps infants to learn to walk more easily, toddlers to use scissors to cut well in preschool and older children to dribble a basketball rhythmically when they begin to play sports.